Once you hear a hit song that you love, the title of the song becomes synonymous with the singer, but what about some love for the song writer?  As a music fan I feel, that the song writer gets swept under the rug, more times than not.

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I am happy to announce that KIXS 108 will be showing some love to song writers on Saturday night.  'A Salute to The Songwriters' will start at 7 O'clock on Saturday evening and will benefit The Music Cares COVID-19 Fund.  This will be a 3 HOUR special salute to Nashville songwriters and will be commercial free!

You will get to hear about and go behind the scenes of Country musics biggest songs.  It's like having an up close and personal performance with some of the most creative minds in Country music.

Check out the full lineup of song-writers by clicking here.  Every donation will help struggling, creative artist!  Thank you for your support!

You are going to get know some amazing song writers including Country Star/Songwriter Rhett Akins.  He was no stranger to the Country charts throughout the 90's with top ten hits, including 'Don't Get Me Started' and 'That Ain't My Truck.'  He released a few albums in the 2000's but shifted his focus to song writing.

Some of you might have heard of his son, Thomas Rhett LOL.  Rhett Akins has written/co-written 31 #1 hits.  I had the pleasure to sit in on an up close and personal song writers showcase with Rhett Akins in Nashville, last year.  This man is unbelievably talented and extremely humble.

Here is a list of #1 songs written and co-written by Rhett Akins, and this list features the BIGGEST names in Country music!


Songwriters Showcase: #1 Songs That Rhett Akins Wrote

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