Well here is something that Victoria has never seen during the fourth of July holiday, a carnival!  Big Texas Fun is coming back to the Community Center fairgrounds. If you remember back, they were here in May, but it rained most of the time.  So in case, you were not able to attend then here is your chance now.  Once again, the carnival has set up in the parking lot area behind the Community Center Annex which means we will be able to enjoy a carnival without mud, even if it does rain!

 The carnival starts today at 1 and will run through Monday.  You will be able to ride all you want with the unlimited wristbands that will be available on all operating days. Here are the carnival hours.
  • Today at 6 pm
  • Friday at 6 pm
  • Saturday at 4 pm
  • Sunday at 4 pm
  • Monday at 4 pm
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Not only will the carnival not be muddy, but it also has a crisp and clean look with vibrant colorful rides.  There are also some great ride options that victoria has never seen before including a full-size roller-coaster. The Zillerator is one of the largest portable roller coasters in the country alongside many other great ride options.

Of course, Sunday's carnival will be alongside the Victoria fireworks show which will take flight at 9.:30. Bag of Donuts will and live entertainment and will kickoff at 6:30 at the Victoria Community Center.

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