After an intense investigation, Yoakum police, along with several other local police departments, came together to make a large drug bust in the Land of Leather, in Yoakum Texas.

It was the collaborative effort that made this drug bust so successful. In fact, the bust included the seizure of over $30,000.00 worth of crystal meth as well as various pills, marijuana, and cocaine as well as a firearm. The large scale investigation included a total of 10 arrests made at four separate locations.

According to a report provided by Crossroads Today, Chief Van Sooten of the Yoakum Police Department offered, ““This morning officers with the Yoakum Police Department with assistance from the Cuero Police Department, Dewitt County Sheriff’s Department, Lavaca County Sheriff’s department, La Vernia Police Department, Wilson County Sheriff Department, and the Department of Public Safety. We conducted four-county search warrants here in Yoakum,” said Chief Van Slooten.

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"We want to emphasize this is a part of a lengthy investigation and we are happy to get this amount of drugs off the streets with the holiday season coming up we want to make sure that the city is safer for the holiday,” said Van Slooten.

Sadly, many national reports indicate that the making, distribution, and use of crystal meth, or methamphetamine, known as 'crank' on the street, is on the rise again, all across America.

Just one example of that rise?

According to the report, "The 23 drug task forces (including Northern Kentucky's) that are funded through the Ohio High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area agency saw a 1,600% jump in meth seized from 2015 to 2019 (and the 2019 numbers are incomplete). Read that again: 1,600%."

This deadly illicit drug is devasting to the body and easily addictive. Signs of use can include a thinning body, rotting teeth, and facial sores or acne. One of the most harrowing examples of the devastation crystal meth creates is apparent on the faces of those in the grasp of their meth addiction. Faces of Meth, a drug prevention project run by Oregon's Sheriff's Depts. began to compare before and after mug shots of known meth users as their arrest records and addiction advanced, shocking America with the truth of how corrosive this drug is on the human body.

If you or someone you know has an addiction and needs help, call 1.888.971.2518 or visit American Addiction Center here.

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