Every month is a busy month when you are part of border security in Texas. Since moving to the Lone Star state I think I've seen just about every time of story about people trying to sneak illegal drugs into the country and the various ways and means by which they attempt to do it.

During the final day in May of 2020, Border Patrol agent Javier Vega Jr. stopped a bus near Sarita and found a woman on board who had tried to conceal methamphetamine inside bags of Takis chips. 43.58 kilograms of crystal to be exact according to KRGV.com.

It was agent Vega Jr's K9 who alerted him to a green carry-on bag which was owned by a woman named Jennifer Hernandez. Hernandez explained the bag contained Mexican candy. Reports say she offered to let the officer inspect the bag further and that is when he saw the spicy Takis. Vega said the bag looked to him like it had been re-sealed. He could feel that the contents felt more like a crystal substance and not crunchy chips covered in flavored powder.

Agents turned up the heat on Hernandez who then gave up another passenger on the bus who was also bringing in a supply of chips. Agents then discovered Rafael Carmona was also transporting drugs inside Takis bags and that those bags also contained a crystal substance.

The crystal weighed in at 43.58 grams. Both individuals are charged with possession, intent to distribute, and conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute.

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