Coronavirus, Murder Hornets, and Blue Dragons, OH MY!

What gives? We get new terrifying obstacles added to our plate on an almost bi-weekly basis these days don't we? Coronavirus wasn't enough stress so we added murder hornets out on the west coast. I swear I saw one fly past me here in south Texas yesterday, but then again I may have just been watching too much news on tv. shared a story about these Blue Dragons washing up on Texas beaches. What else can we say but perhaps it's mother nature who is deploying these forces against us crazy humans? The murder hornets and blue dragons must be a part of the vanguard.

Behold, House Targaryen has crossed the Gulf of Mexico. These slugs known as Blue Dragons pack a serious sting. Thankfully they prefer hunting down Portuguese man-of-war. They take the stingers from the man-of-war and they actually add them to their own extremities resulting in a sting that can be even worse than the man-of-war itself! What's that in the back? Oh, what is a Portuguese man-of-war? It's this creepy looking alien sea-life below!

So the Blue Dragon attacks these crazy looking things and then makes off with the stingers. Now they are washing ashore the beaches of Padre Island National Seashore.

The name Blue Dragon is partially due to the pain from one of their stings is considered worthy of a dragon. Hence the name. While it is pretty rare to see one, while it may be exciting you should stay the heck away from it.

These little blue devils washed up on the shore of Padre Island within the last 7 days or so. If you are headed that way soon, you'll want to keep an eye out!

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