A beautiful sea creature has appeared on a South Texas beach. They are called Blue Dragons and are an extremely pretty sight. But if you happen to run across one, be careful as they can pack a punch.

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The Blue Dragon is a type of sea slug that is normally found in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans according to dfw.cbslocal.com. They grow to about one inch in length. But these sweet looking creatures are actually a predator, they feed on Portuguese man o’ wars. As the Blue Dragon eats the man o' war, it "stores" the man o' wars' stinging cells for it's own use.

So if you pick one, it will sting you with a pain worse than an already strong man o' war sting.

A family visiting South Padre Island from Arizona caught a couple of pictures of the sea creature they had scooped up in a beach toy. Padre Island National Seashore shared the photos on their Facebook page.

This is the perfect example of the absolute beauty of nature but also of it's power.

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