There is something very powerful in a comeback story, especially when love is the resinating force behind it.

This is their story. Treble Soul.

When Curt Jones and Hannah Prestridge met on Broadway Street in Nashville, it was love at first song. Both musicians were just making their way as young native Texans in Music City. This was 2014 and Curt's first Broadway gig. They were paired together to perform and falling in love with each other was not far behind. It is a day this couple will never forget, the start of their story together and six years later, they've written beautiful music and performed together throughout the US, focused on raising a family and dedicating themselves to the music they love.

But not without some heartache along the way.

Hannah and Curt are very open about recovery and rediscovering themselves as individuals and as a married couple with children.

It was during Hannah's first pregnancy that she developed horrific pain in her kidneys and was treated with painkillers that she quickly became addicted too. It was a few years later while Curt was putting Christmas presents under the tree alone for their two girls when Hannah came home from a bender and Curt gave her an ultimatum. Drugs or the family. Hannah chose her family and through it all, they've risen as one of Texas country music's top talent. They've competed on American Idol and are mentored by Darius Rucker whom they met during their stint on the first season of Undercover Boss.

On Thursday, August 27th, they will be here at our very own Mac Haik Center Performance Center to perform for a VIP audience, for an experience that money just can not buy.

Winners of these VIP tickets can expect a live music show with a lot of heart.

Heart, soul, addiction, music, family, recovery, and love.

This is Treble Soul.

To read more about their incredible story, visit the Treble Soul webpage here.

We hope to see you on August 27th. You've got to register to win though! It's easy, just fill out the registration below. Winners will be contacted by phone and announced on air.

Due to social distancing guidelines, this VIP event will be held outdoors with everyone in attendance required to wear masks.

Thank you to Mac Haik Ford of Victoria and Compadres Design for sponsoring.

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