Yes, I'm old enough to remember vinyl records...I still have a bunch, and a turntable on which to play them! The old saying, "Everything 'old' is 'new' again" seems to be true with the way folks like to listen to music. As I said, I still have probably a couple of hundred albums, dozens of 45's, and even a few box sets! I've always thought vinyl sounded better than just about anything they've come up with over the years! Check out this article, and the surprising new statistics regarding good ol' vinyl records! As Will Oremus writes at

For the first time since the iTunes Store launched in 2003, sales of digital tracks and albums declined last year, Billboard reports. Analysts blame the rise of streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. Sales of CDs also took a big hit, as did album sales overall.

Meanwhile, one format quietly posted huge gains: vinyl records. LP sales were up an amazing 32 percent from 2012, continuing an improbable growth trend that began in the early 1990s and took off around 2007. In fact, as The Oregonian's David Greenwald points out, this was the sixth straight year in which vinyl long-players have recorded their highest sales mark since the advent of Soundscan in 1991.

You can read the complete statistics by clicking the link below.

Personally, I welcome the trend. Yes, I still like CD's, because (even as small as the inserts are) you can get the artwork, lyrics, credits, etc. with the cover insert. And, to be honest, I love the convenience of being able to carry a large part of my personal music library with me on my iPhone and iPad, and can listen just about anywhere, anytime. But for serious, sit-down, focus, and listen to the music-type listening, I'll take an old-fashioned piece of black plastic spinning around, sending out that warm, full, rich audio that only comes from analog reproduction! Plus, the liner notes and artwork are nice and big, too!

(via Vinyl LP sales hit 22-year record in 2013, digital music sales down. (Chart).)