I've written several posts here about my hobby of amateur radio (aka "ham" radio). It's a hobby for anybody interested in communications (emergency and otherwise), electronics, technology, of just having fun! Age, gender, or having a disability need not keep you from getting your amateur radio license, and joining in on the fun! Take, for example, a third-grader from Lumberton, TX (near Beaumont), who recently obtained her ham license!

As reported by Cassie Smith at beaumontenterprise.com:

Nine-year-old Holly Wilson doesn't normally join her classmates in their favorite game: tag.


The Lumberton third-grader said she's not that good.

But aspiring to be great at tag isn't exactly Wilson's goal.


Instead, Wilson has recently obtained an amateur radio license.


Wilson - whose call sign from the FCC is KG5AOG – spends her free time learning things like what to do when an antenna is raised: make sure it's 10 feet away from a power line. When she puts the radio down, her focus returns to her fish and playing Mincraft.


Congratulations to Holly on getting licensed! If you would like to learn more about the hobby and service of amateur radio, CLICK HERE.

To read more about this remarkable young lady, click the link below.

(via Nine-year-old Holly Wilson is a licensed radio operator - Beaumont Enterprise.)