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Plan a tropical vacation without taking a plane Crossroads

If you're like me, this year I've been so wrapped up in getting through the pandemic I haven't spent much time thinking of new and creative things to do with the kids this summer. Recently I heard about Son's Island and it stopped me in my tracks. An island getaway close to the Crossroads??? Yes, please!

Can't go out of state or out of the country this summer?

Last year we signed up through our children's school to take a ten-day trip to Europe this summer. It's been a back and forth ordeal for several months now and it looks like once again, the pandemic wins. We will be home, but we will make the best of it! This is one of the reasons why Son's Island looks so appealing. It's something we haven't done before! We need a vacation so bad!

Son's Island

We're talking lakeside cabana rentals, kayaking, paddleboarding & all-inclusive tent camping! Son's Island is about 30 miles out of San Antonio and this means you don't have to hear, " Are we there yet?" a hundred times before you get there! It's in Seguin so that means it's lake-side luxury! Son's Island offers cabana rentals and if you are into glamping ( and I'm sure I am into glamping right now!) they offer overnight glamping tents for families too. You are welcome to bring kayaks and floats and whatever you think great camping means for your family.

Okay, the water looks so refreshing. Yep, I'm all about Son's Island now. Check out this Youtube video posted by Son's Island.

And now that I am officialy obsessed, here is another Youtube video.This one is from YOLO TX TV. They are dubbing Son's Island as Texas' "secret island."

Sign us up!

Reservations are required to visit the island of course so call early. I have a feeling this island books fast! Just click here for all the details.

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