I love reading those heartwarming facebook posts that make you smile. You know the ones that you want to hit triple like on!! Last night I came across one from a friend I’ve had since high school, Stephanie.  She posted a photo of a letter that was sent home with her daughter, Bella, from the 5th grade  teachers at Chandler Elementary School in Victoria. The letter was reminding the students that their teacher was proud of them and understood how the Starr testing could be overwhelming. The letter also reminded the students that what is important is their talent, kindness, and traits they have. The letter ended telling the student that the test doesn’t show how awesome of a human being that we see you growing into.

DeLea Salazar wrote the letter after Melissa Soto found a similar one on Facebook! The teachers needed the kids to know tests don't define them and their abilities!  The teachers thought this letter really explained how they felt about their students and sent a copy home with them. We want to give a big shout out to Shannon Vasquez, Melissa Soto, and DeLea Salazar for being those teachers who go the extra mile to make sure their students know how important they are in life! If you see any of these teachers make sure to thank them for the amazing job they do!