Early this morning an active shooter situation was unfolding at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi that resulted in lots of police and emergency services activity near the gate of the Air station.

Early reports from the US Navy said the person had been neutralized. The video below actually contains footage and audio of what sounds like multiple gunshots that can clearly be heard by those lined up in their cars waiting to pass through the gate this morning. The audio contains what sounds like several gunshots but that has not been confirmed by the Navy.

KVIA.com reports that a member of the Naval Security Forces sustained an injury during the incident but it was not confirmed if that person was shot or how badly the injury was. That injured security member was later described as being in good condition and the Navy says they will update that information today in another press release. Shortly after 6:15 AM security forces reported that all gates to the facility remain closed while first responders continue to work. Right now, it is not clear if anyone else has been injured during this shooting.

This morning's activity marks the third shooting at a US Naval facility in the last six months according to Politico.com. Audio of the initial reports of the shooting can be heard on this police scanner audio below.

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