In a story out of Spring Valley in Harris County, the Police Chief is on paid leave after it was discovered that he paid himself almost $300,000 in overtime since 2020 and signed his own timesheets!

According to a report by abc13, the allegations came to light during a special city council meeting last week. A meeting was read into the record that alleged Police Chief Lloyd Evans was paid $189,038 in overtime during 2020 and $96,040 in overtime in 2021. That is on top of his base salary of $151,000. I think it is important to add, that Evans is an exempt employee.  The city attorney said Evans apparently signed and authorized the time cards himself. 

While Evans' attorney says that Evans had no wrongdoing, most don't agree. Evans' attorney contends that all the overtime will be accounted for and that the police chief was "busting his butt" during the COVID-19 pandemic to cover for other officers who fell ill.  You can read the report in its entirety by clicking here.

There is a public meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday. It is thought that Evans will end his employment at that meeting. However, it is uncertain if that parting will be a friendly one. Do you think that Evans was shady in his overtime reporting? Let us know in the Facebook comments of this status.

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