For the families of the victims behind our nation's homicide cold cases, every day is another day without answers regarding what happened to their loved one. The amount of homicide cold cases in the United States currently sits at 250,000 - averaging 6,000 a year according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report.

In Texas, the sheer size of our state reflects a higher number of homicides as compared to other states. However, the details that find their way through Texas' most bone-chilling cases, put more pressure on investigators to bring those responsible to justice.

Where have these crimes taken place?

From Austin to Houston, even all the way up to Texarkana, the cases have left investigators baffled. There are cases regarding employees of a town-favorite yogurt shop, and the mystery behind a 9-year-old girl's disappearance while riding her bike. But not all the cases take place in a suburban neighborhood or business. The more chilling tales come from places like Lover's Lane and The Killing Fields.

Come along as we take a closer look at these 5 tales of cases that remain unsolved here in Texas.

The Killers Behind These 5 Texas Cold Cases Still Roam Free

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