Editors note: this was published last week with the wrong date indicated for the show. It is, in fact, set for Friday, Feb. 28th. Skeeter regrets the error, and has been 'taken to the woodshed' over it. Thank you.

If you love the music of the Beatles as much as I do, you'll want to be at the Victoria Fine Arts Center on Friday, Feb. 28th for a show that will transport you back to the days of Beatlemania, as 1964 The Tribute takes the stage. Rolling Stone magazine named them the "Best Beatles Tribute on Earth," and after you see them perform, you'll understand why they received such praise.

I have seen the show twice in years past, and as someone who has listened to the Beatles' music for nearly his entire life, this group captures every musical nuance. Unfortunately, the Beatles quit performing concerts in August of 1966 (around the time I turned six years old), so I never got to see them "live." But I can honestly say that having seen 1964 The Tribute twice, it's the closest thing anyone is going to get to an actual Beatles live performance! Don't miss this show!

Get you tickets at the Victoria Fine Arts Center box office (1002 Sam Houston Drive), or call (361) 788-9335 for more info. Check out 1964 The Tribute online at 1964site.com.