On Sunday, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services indicated that there are now 62 new cases of COVID and 3 deaths reported in Victoria County.

On Friday, January 16th, the Victoria County Public Health Department reported that the 7-day hospital capacity average was at 23.39%. On Friday, the Victoria Advocate reported that there were 152 COVID patients at our local hospitals, today's headline reads, "COVID-19 patients occupying 1 out of every 5 hospital beds in Victoria area Sunday."

As we see another upward trend with COVID, many are wondering about the vaccination schedule in Victoria County.

If you are a Tier 1b Candidate ( Victoria resident over the age of 65) for the COVID vaccination, you can register now through the Victoria Public Health Department at Swift911. Swift911 is the Victoria Office of Emergency Operations Management's latest service to provide our community up to date COVID and COVID vaccine information.

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The Victoria County Public Health Department wants to remind the community at this time that "there is no "waiting list" for Tier 1b.  When the vaccine is available for this group we will notify and inform the public on this website, our Facebook page, and in the media on how to schedule an appointment for those doses.  This process will be repeated with each shipment." You can read the entire message here, or by visiting the Victoria County Health Department here.

You can register to receive up to date information by texting ADD to 361. 433.4554 today. To read more about the details of the texting service, click the button below.

For up to date daily COVID counts and statistics for the City of Victoria and Victoria County, click here.


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