Victoria County COVID numbers continue to remain high with the Victoria County daily dashboard showing that we are still averaging 23 plus percent of hospital capacity for COVID patients. You can see the latest  Victoria County daily numbers, updated by 6 pm most evenings by clicking the dashboard here.

Today the Victoria Advocate reported 250 cases of COVID and ten deaths in our community as of Thursday evening. Friday's numbers have not been released at this time, but we will continue to monitor and report those numbers.

Coincidently, the Victoria County Public Health Department also hosted its first COVID Clinic at the Victoria Community Center at 2905 E. North St on Thursday as well. The COVID-19 mass clinic was by appointment only and open for Tier 1A and Tier 1B candidates with appointments filled shortly after the appointment book was opened.

It's the first mass clinic- COVID Hub- for the VCPHD with more planned for the near future.

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Victorians are asked to continue to be patient as there is a documented shortage of COVID vaccines throughout the nation as pharmacies like Pfizer and Moderna shipping their COVID supplies as soon as they are produced.

On Thursday, January 21st,  we had the opportunity to speak to Victoria Public Health Department Director, David Gonzales who shared that within the first few minutes of opening registration for Phase 1A COVID immunization candidates over 20,000 attempts were made to register. By the end of the day, those numbers reached near a million. To get more information, stay tuned to the Victoria Public Health Departments page here.

Victoria Emergency Operations Management is offering text alerts for available COVID immunizations in part through their new app which you can register for by calling the City of Victoria or you can text the word ADD to 361-433-4554. 

Again, we can only hope this is just the upward trend most communities see before we flatten the curve for good for 2021! Our thoughts are with families of friends of those who have succumbed to this deadly virus.

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