"...on certain types of medication!" I've been using that line for years (even though I am not currently on any medication)! But the "old" version of that saying must be true, because today (April 1, 2013) marks my six month anniversary as your humble Morning Show Host on KIXS 108! I really don't know where the time has gone!

It seems like just the other day that I started here, but it was on October 1, 2012. I had been doing the Afternoon Drive show at KDXY-FM (104.9 The Fox) in Jonesboro, AR for nearly nine years, when my wife Sweetie and I decided we wanted to live in Texas; and preferably southern Texas, as one of her sons (my "bonus" sons) lives in Gonzales with his bride, and we wanted to be closer to them. It just so happened that Rob Garrett was wanting to relocate to New Mexico, and that created the opening at KIXS 108. Somehow, I conned management here into hiring me to be Rob's replacement. So, here I am, six months later and still happy to be waking up the Crossroads region!

In the time that I've been here, I've been able to keep my drumming and singing "chops" in shape by playing regularly with Joe Salinas & the Dancehall Demons, as well as "filling in" a few times on the local "Opry" shows. It sure has been nice to be so quickly accepted by the local musicians, as well as the KIXS radio listeners!

And that's why I tell people, "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could!"