Earl Pitts 11/1/13: Positives For Texting
With the explosion of smart phone technology, our world is more connected than ever before...or, is it? Earl recounts a scene he observed in a restaurant recently that made him wonder just how "connected" we really are...or need to be. If you missed it his morning, we have Earl&apo…
Is Your Life Worth 3 Letters?
I think it's a pretty simple question.  Is your life worth those 3 letters you input into your phone to send a text message?  Texting and driving is becoming extremely dangerous and you see people do it every day, multiple times a day.  It's illegal in some states which is m…
Mall Fall May Lead To Lawsuit [VIDEO]
If you've been anywhere near a web browser this week, you've probably already seen the security video of a woman walking through a mall while texting. Not paying attention to her surroundings, she tripped and fell into a fountain.