I think it's a pretty simple question.  Is your life worth those 3 letters you input into your phone to send a text message?  Texting and driving is becoming extremely dangerous and you see people do it every day, multiple times a day.  It's illegal in some states which is more than understandable.

I'm not a saint when it comes to texting and driving but I will tell you that I don't do it as much.  When I do text and drive I am usually at a stop light.  I have witnessed Police officers doing it as well while they are supposed to be setting an example to everyone else.

If you see someone doing a strange lane change, trying to share a lane with you, driving slow in the fast lane, or just drive really slow for no reason chances are that person is on the phone.  It is one of the most ignorant things you can do on the road so if I catch you, I will try my best to hunt you down and start breaking fingers.  I'm joking.

AT&T made this documentary called "The Last Text" which shows us the impact that texting and driving could have on a car, friends, family, and yourself.  After watching this video it really does make you more aware of other drivers now.  Do you really want your last words to be lol, or omg?