Video: Dogs “Walk” Humans, Adoptions Rise
We've all seen ads for animal shelters and the Humane Society featuring sad faces of animals looking for their "furever" home. Yes, they can tug at your heart, and are quite often very effective. However, after you see them over and over, they can lose their emotional impact. With this in …
Check Out This Stop Sign!
According to Sydney, Australia has been having a big problem with oversized trucks driving into tunnels that are too low. So Sydney needed a stop sign that is absolutely impossible to miss. Here it is and it's amazing.
Keith Urban Is At Home On The Beach… At Home
It's official. Keith Urban is a beach bum. It's always interesting to find out what your favorite country stars like to do with their spare time. I don't think Keith has had a lot of spare time lately, and he's missing the beach in Australia.
This Day in History for July 9 – Zachary Taylor Dies and More
Here’s a look at some interesting events that took place on this day in history:
1850 – President Zachary Taylor, the 12th president of the US, dies after only 16 months in office (More info)
1868 – The 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution is ratified, guaranteeing African-Americans full c…
Did Michael Jackson Give Cocaine to Aaron Carter?
You have to take quotes printed in Australian tabloids with a grain of salt, but nevertheless, OK! magazine is reporting that Aaron Carter has spilled some rather disturbing details about his friendship with Michael Jackson.
In the article, Carter says Jackson offered him wine when he was only 15 -- …
Waterspouts Form Off Australian Coast [VIDEO]
Mother Nature threw Australian residents a curve ball Monday when four waterspouts, well, sprouted off the New South Wales coast.

Cameras caught the stunning - and admittedly scary-looking - event, which occurred just north of Sydney. (A local news station claimed the spouts reached upwards of 600 …
Online ‘Planking’ Craze Leads to Man’s Death
The Internet photo sensation called "planking," which can be best described as extreme lying down, led to a 20-year-old Australian man plunging to his death while partaking in the fad this weekend, police said.
Queensland police said the man fell several stories from a Brisbane high-rise ea…
Dinosaur Scares Australian School Children [VIDEO]
One of the first things a youngster learns about dinosaurs is that they have long been extinct. On a certain level, these Australian school children have internalized that lesson. However, when the life-like prehistoric beast starts to roar in this video (after the jump), some of them no longer see…