It's official. Keith Urban is a beach bum. It's always interesting to find out what your favorite country stars like to do with their spare time. I don't think Keith has had a lot of spare time lately, and he's missing the beach in Australia.

Keith Urban is back in his native Australia to start taping of the Aussie version of NBC’s singing competition The Voice. Keith is one of the four coaches set to guide future singers in their quest for superstardom, but the trip won’t be all work and no play! Keith’s wife Nicole Kidman and their adorable daughters made the trek with him, and Keith says they have some family fun planned! Keith told CMT Daily Roundup, “Well at some point I think we just want to go to the beach, I think that—you know if it’s the right time of year, which of course it’s in the middle of summer now, so that’s something that I always am anxious to get to. I haven’t gotten to the beach—I don’t even think we got there this summer, cause we were full on touring.” Keith says in addition to some fun in the sun, his kids plan to spend some quality time with their grandparents. The Act of Valor soundtrack, featuring a new song by Keith, is released today (2/21).
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