Earl Pitts 12/9/13: Magical Spirit of Christmas
Some of the best-loved Christmas stories involve a cold-hearted, mean, spiteful and otherwise not-so-nice person who--once shown the true meaning of Christmas--does a 180 and becomes the sweetest, most loving and generous person you could ever meet. Think Ebeneezer Scrooge from Dickens' A Christmas …
Earl Pitts 11/21/13: Superheroes Are Stupid!
With another "Thor" movie in the theaters, Earl takes aim at superheroes. He's not overly impressed with the entire bunch, be it Superman, Batman, or Spiderman. If you missed hearing his thoughts on the subject, we have 'em for you here!
Almost Impossible Trivia For 11/15/13
Congratulations to Jeff Chandler of Victoria! He knew the answer to today’s Almost Impossible Trivia Question, and won a couple of yummy Jack In The Box Tacos!
Q:  What group of mutants in the X-Men comic books takes its name from similar characters in H.G.Wells' The Time Ma…

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