I love lists that writers come up with about Texas. Having lived here for just shy of two years myself, I always find them educational and, often, amusing. Texas has its own pace, its own attitude, and--according to this list--its own vocabulary when it comes to the 25 words mentioned.

I'll use the first 2 words on this list as examples, from the article by Javier Moreno at buzzfeed.com:


What it means everywhere else: A time for vacation, road trips, and fun in the sun.

What in means in Texas: Hell on Earth where the temperatures rarely dip below 100 degrees.

2) Winter.

What it means everywhere else: The colder months of the year.

What it means in Texas: The few short weeks when 40- to 50-degree temperatures send the locals into a deep freeze.

You get the idea. Check out the remaining 23 words by clicking the link below, and see if you agree or disagree with Mr. Moreno's interpretations.

I especially like #25.