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I remember back in the nineties, going to Brownsville and Laredo and just walking across the border to Reynosa and Nuevo Laredo for an afternoon of shopping or a fun night of Spring Break. Yeah! You can't do that anymore. I mean, conditions in border towns are a little different and it's pretty dangerous now. However, if you wanted to cross by walking, you couldn't do it anyway.

Why can't you walk across the border?

In short, the current pandemic! As reported by, Restrictions on non-essential land movement between the U.S. and Mexico border have been extended again as the pandemic continues, despite a larger vaccinated population. You also can't walk across the Canadian border.

Let me make a clarification:  Essential travel is still allowed. What is essential travel?  According to the U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Mexico, traveling for work or military reasons and public health purposes, medical, or educational purposes is all approved.  

You can cross the border by air, rail, and sea:

There is good news if you need to get to Mexico. If you travel by air, rail, or sea to Mexico. That avenue still remains open, even for nonessential visits, despite land connections remaining tightly monitored.

Still scratching my head:

You can't walk across to for a day of shopping but you can still fly out to Cancun for a vacation getaway? I am still trying to figure this one out.  As reported by, Multiple political figures in border cities don't agree with the Department of Homeland Security's handling of the restrictions, which has been devastating to the South Texas economy.



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