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Not unlike what some of us might have experienced in our school days years ago, prank calls creating false alarms to end the school day still exist.

However, technology along with the penalty for such actions has advanced considerably.

On Wednesday, Aug. 31, Yoakum I.S.D. reported that various agencies that including the FBI were investigating threats made against Yoakum High School on Monday, Aug. 29th, and again on Tuesday, Aug. 30th.

In the current climate, making a false threat to any school district can lead to severe punishment. Is it likely the Yoakum ISD student who called in, not one but two, violent threats against schools in Yoakum Texas will serve the maximum penalty?

That student is now in custody awaiting the charges, but here is the twist. The student is not in America. According to the Yoakum ISD Facebook, the suspect is a juvenile from Alberta, Canada. "The suspect is a juvenile from Alberta, Canada. Law enforcement authorities made contact with the juvenile and parents in Canada today, and the suspect admitted to making both threats."

Yoakum I.S.D. informed the community via Facebook, that there is no longer a threat to its students, campuses or community.

The YISD Facebook post also offers that "The District would like to thank DPS Special Agents, the FBI, the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office and the Yoakum Police Department for working this case and ensuring its safety."

The young Canadian is looking at Texas Penal Code Section 42.06, which is "making false threats that place a person in fear of imminent bodily injury or cause a law enforcement agency to respond and involve a school campus, is a state jail felony.

We're left to wonder if the juvenile will have to face charges in Texas or Canada or both.


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