A Massive Monster of a Fish Nearby

Indianola Fishing Marina is a hot spot for many locals. Just breeze on by Magnolia Beach, then head into Indianola to reach the marina. This is the place you want to be if you're looking for dinner.

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Reelin' and Dealin'

A massive alligator gar was just reeled in at the Indianola Fishing Marina. Christian Servantes was throwing the line, waiting for a bite when luck struck. Attached to the end of his line was a SIX FOOT alligator gar

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Six Feet of Fight

It took about a good ten minutes to reel this bad boy in. Alligator gars are pretty fascinating, and to see such a huge one in our local waters is impressive and a bit terrifying.

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Break Out the Record Book

After Christian caught the fish, it was soon released back into the water. Unfortunately, the fish wasn't called in for records, but that gets me wondering, what is the state record for an alligator gar?

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife, the largest alligator gar ever caught in Texas was reeled in by an 18-year-old. He fought hard to capture the 7.5-foot gar, which weighed over 300lbs. They explained that a "7.5-foot trophy catch might be 40 years old," so this 6ft alligator gar caught at Indianola Marina could be up there in age.

Catch and Release

After Christian Servantes' parents posted their son's catch on Facebook, the crowd went wild! People were making comments about "eating good tonight." However, for Christian, it was more of a catch and release kind of night. So the massive gar was released back into the water where it can roam around for a few more years.

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Catch and Release or Eat That Sucker

What would you have done? Taken the same road a Christian, or as one Facebook user said, "Well, I'll go catch him now and eat that dinosaur." That fish would feed a family of 12. But, until it gets caught again, that alligator gar will swim around and live its life in the Indianola Marina.

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