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Two Texas teens catch one helluva alligator gar at Buffalo Bayou, Houston.

Two Texas teens, Charlie Oliver and Evan Adams, both 18 years of age, will have one helluva fishing tale for the rest of their lives as they set a personal record best when they reeled in an unreal nearly 7-foot alligator gar over the weekend.

This is exactly why I don't wade in dark water.

This past Sunday the two young men, who are fishing enthusiasts, headed to Buffalo Bayou as they often do and had been there a while when they figured they had snagged a large alligator turtle on their line.

Instead, it was a monster gar.

And for those of us who have a fear of dark water, this picture with Charlie and Evan feels terrifying. Can you even believe fish of this size are even in the river???

Photo Credit: Charlie Oliver and Evan Adams via The Houston Chronicle
Photo Credit: Charlie Oliver and Evan Adams via The Houston Chronicle

In an article by the Houston Chronicle, the two seniors say it took them working together a full fifteen minutes to reel the monster gar up! They used bait from the fish they had caught earlier.

Apparently, it was the perfect snack to attract the estimated 140-pound beast.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, alligator gar can grow up to 8 feet and get this...weigh up to 300 pounds. Their size also often indicates the gar's age. It's estimated that this trophy catch at almost 7 feet was likely 40 years old! 

Catch and Release

Charlie and Evan were not able to keep the alligator gar but they will definitely be keeping the great photos they took of their great catch!

They released their monster back into the river afterward to ensure future generations can enjoy the thrill of catching this dinosaur again! Alligator gar commonly live to be 50 years old.

The world record gar caught in Mississippi is thought to be in its early 90s. 

Interested in catching an alligator gar yourself? Here is a great video from the Catching Dinosaurs Youtube channel.

Congrats to these two teens! Everyone loves a good fish tale, especially when they are true and you've got the pics to prove it! 

Speaking of pictures to prove it, check out the Four Sixes Ranch below! It's a monster ranch in Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas ya'll!

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