Willie Nelson is as legendary for his kind-hearted nature as he is for his music, so it was no surprise when he recently stepped forward to take in two horses who had been abused by their owner. But now it appears the singer won’t be able to adopt the animals after all.

Nelson heard about the plight of the three-year-old stallion, Whisper, and the 12-year-old mare, Traveler, in March. The two were healing from injuries they sustained while under the care of Dwight Benjamin McCloud in Summerville, S.C. Elizabeth Steed of LEARN (Livestock and Equine Awareness and Rescue Network) said Whisper had sustained burns on his back when McCloud had evidently used kerosene to try to burn off an infection, and both horses were living in unhealthy conditions. Nelson agreed to take the horses to his ranch in Texas, and it seemed like the animals had been given a new lease on life.

But according to Nashville Gab, Willie’s daughter Amy says the adoption has fallen through. “Regretfully we are unable to adopt Whisper and Traveler due to lack of resources for proper care,” she writes to the Summerville Patch. “My dad has over 70 horses to care for, as it is now. We feel it would be irresponsible of us to take on Whisper or Traveler at this time. We do wish them and the ones who care for them the very best.”

The animals remain at LEARN for now. For information about how to adopt them or support other abused or neglected animals, visit this link.

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