The one thing you have to love about Texas is the weather.  It's not everyday we experience icy roads or even snow.  Last night we had freezing rain hit us here in Texas as temperatures dropped to around 20 degrees.  Schools were cancelled, Businesses shut down in the morning and some just closed for the whole day, school events and other activities were rescheduled, and to top it off BINGO WAS CANCELLED!  You know we are getting bad weather when bingo is cancelled. 

There is no need to worry though, according to the weather channels the ice and possibility of snow is over.  Saturday it's supposed to be around 60 with sunny skies.  On Sunday they are calling for more sun with a high of 64, with wind gusts as high as 28 degrees.  I would like to gaurentee nice and sunny days next week which they are calling for but you can never tell with this unpredictable South Texas weather.