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Schizophrenic Weather-Welcome to South Texas
I've experienced all kinds of weather in my lifetime. I grew up in Michigan, so I was used to seriously cold winters, blizzards, icy roads, and the like. In my career, I have worked on the Carolina coast (pretty mild year round (but, DAMN YOU, HURRICANES...
Tour The Berclair Mansion
If you have never been to see the Berclair Mansion Tours you are missing out.  It has numerous antiques with a colorful history of a South Texas family.  This beautiful home has 22 rooms as all original furnishings and some of the antiques date all the way back to the 1600's...
Father’s Day Flights
Tell your Father special thanks and take him on a Father’s Day Flight at Victoria Regional Airport.  Book today by calling 361-552-1228.  Give your fathers the gift of flight this year with an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime...
Will It Warm Up? Or Are They Calling For More Icy Roads.
The one thing you have to love about Texas is the weather.  It's not everyday we experience icy roads or even snow.  Last night we had freezing rain hit us here in Texas as temperatures dropped to around 20 degrees.  Schools were cancelled, Businesses shut down in the morning and some just closed for the whole day, school events and other activities were rescheduled, and to top it off BINGO WAS CA

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