If you were in Galveston this past weekend and you were driving by the beach. You would have caught a glimpse of a blueish glow coming out of Crystal Beach. If you have never seen this you might be thinking 'otherworldly.' However, there is a very scientific explanation. According to KHOU and our friends at Texas A&M at Galveston, this is called bioluminescence!

Experts say that algae called sea sparkle typically blooms this time of year when the temperatures are just right. With the perfect conditions, the organisms have a chemical reaction that releases energy in the form of light, causing the blue glow in the water. What a beautiful site!


Casket Shows Up on Beach Near Pleasure Pier in Galveston

Some people in Galveston were freaked out by the appearance of a casket on the beach!  The comments went wild, however, there is an easy explanation for this one. It turns out that the casket was placed there for a commercial. According to the post, a commercial is currently being filmed for "Haunted Ghost Tours." How would you react if you were driving along the beach and just saw a casket lying on the shore?

Craig Corbell via GALVESTON FB
Craig Corbell via GALVESTON FB

Video of Crowd at Rodeo Houston Might Give You Anxiety

Rodeo Houston is in full effect which means lots of people!  However, there is one point every evening when the crowds look OVERWHELMING! That is right after the concerts let out and it might give some people a little anxiety! Jas posted this video to Tiktok...

@devilsdisgrace Still had to walk through that big ass crowd 😭 #fyp #ivancornejo #houstonrodeo #rodeo ♬ Está Dañada - Ivan Cornejo

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