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That's right, Whataburger, the icon of Texas burger joints, is BACK with their Whataburger Wednesday and that means every Wednesday it's your chance to win some serious Whataburger swag, which could include a gift certificate for $25 to spend at Whataburger any way you like!

Speaking of which, do you know how many ways you can order a Whataburger?

The reason we ask is because, in order to win on Whataburger Wednesday, you've got to be the first caller to answer our Whataburger trivia question in order to WIN!

So back to the question. How many ways can you order a Whataburger? According to multiple sources, there are 36,864 ways you can customize your order!

Would you have guessed that right? It's good to know some fun facts about Whataburger. hint hint

Here is a great Youtube video from the Austin American Statesman that gives you some fun facts on the history of Whataburger which was founded in 1950 by Harmon Dodson in Corpus Christi. It's been written that his goal was to create a hamburger " so big, it fit in two hands." NEXT LEVEL ACHIEVEMENT!

We are HUGE HUGE HUGE fans of Whataburger here at Townsquare Media in Victoria, with our Director of Content, Wes Adams choosing Whataburger for lunch at least three times a week.

And our very own JP from the JP and Ingra Lee show has shared with us that over the course of the year on his Whataburger APP he discover he has spent over $2,000 at Whataburger for his family!

The Crossroads LOVE Whataburger and the Crossroads love winning! Here is one of our listeners, Shania who won a Whataburger Wednesday gift card just this week!

Photo by Ingra Lee
Photo by Ingra Lee

Here was the question; What is one thing Whataburger allows in their parking lots and drive-thru?

We will give you a minute to guess.

Our first caller said, " Refills." Excellent guess. Our second caller said " Skateboard." Oh getting closer!

It's horses! Yep, Whataburger allows horses both in their parking lot and in their drive-thru!

Be listening on Wednesdays to win!

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