The photo above features Wes Weigle, the General Manager of Corpus Christi Hooks who personally delivered 100 breakfast taquitos to Driscoll Children's. Weigle is flanked by Security Officer Weldon Moreland and RN House Supervisor Virginia Young.

The Hooks/Whataburger team made the weekend rounds including a visit to the PICU nurses who are clearly excited for the extra eats. Who wouldn't be? We are Texas, and free Whataburger is always appreciated!

 You know they had to stop by to feed the ER Nurses as well. Where would we be without them! It's little things like having someone bring you breakfast that just makes all of this craziness a little easier to bear.

The front line. Thanks to Valerie Luna who is the Lead Patient Access Representative and Kimberly Arevalo who is another Patient Access Representative.

George Fuentes of the Environmental Services team and Laura Lopez an Environmental Services Technician also got a little something for all they do.

We love seeing some smiles and photos of Texans helping Texans through all of this. We thank each and every member of the community going out of their way to help. If you are donating time, resources, money, or maybe you are just getting up every day as an essential worker and staying in the game, we thank you and appreciate you!

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