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Whataburger's new limited-edition spicy ketchup is a nod to those who like it hot.

Real hot.

Nothing is better when you're feeling sick than to have someone bring you your favorite snack to cheer you up. For me, that's french fries from Whataburger, and tonight when they showed up, the fries paled in comparison to the condiment that accompanied them.  I love to eat my french fries strictly with mayo and pepper so I was more than a little skeptical when my family came bursting into my room practically screaming about the " new ketchup flavor from Whataburger."

Tonight's shining star was ketchup. And before I go on a tirade let me remind you, it's limited edition so get it while you can!

Wait, what? A new flavor of ketchup from Whataburger? When did this happen?

Yep. That's what I said too.

It just so happened that at 9 am this morning after teasing on their Whataburger social media that things were about to "heat up", they've gone and introduced their limited edition white label HOT ketchup throughout their Whataburger locations and it is FABULOUS.

Especially for someone with a sore throat. It burns so good!

Introducing the all-new Spicy Ketchup Limited Batch#2

Round here we are big fans of Whataburger, but we aren't alone.

JP just covered a story about folks in Missouri who waited for up to six hours just to try their first Whataburger. You can read that article below. Yes, we would have been in that line too!

So what does the new white label limited-edition taste like?

Please. I am not about to ruin the surprise but I can tell you I ate two packets of Batch #2 even after I ran out of fries to dip them in. Hint: A pepper that's hard to pronounce and hard to spell.

Besides, who cares if people see you using your fingers to get the last of it out? It's limited edition after all!

If you can't wait to try it yourself and you just have to know what's in it, you can peek at the Whataburger website here.

Speaking of peeking you've got to see the 6666 Ranch below. Just as truly Texas as Whataburger!

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