A social media post has started to make the rounds this weekend! Not only does this couple have a love for each other, but they also have a love for Whataburger as well! Congrats to Esther and Bolivar!  Not only did they have the ceremony at a Brownsville Whataburger, but Whataburger also hosted a little reception as well, with their close friends and family.  We are hoping to learn more about this love story soon. The below photo gallery was posted to Brownsville Online on Facebook.

Brownsville Online
Brownsville Online



Whataburger has been branching outside of the state of Texas, lately! Now Whataburger has announced that it will be opening on the Las Vegas Strip, expected to open this fall. The restaurant will mark the brand’s entry into its 15th state. The new Whataburger will be two stories! The new two-story restaurant will be co-located with Parry’s Pizzeria & Taphouse. Today, the brand has more than 950 locations operating 24/7, 364 days a year, including four locations in the Victoria area.

VIDEO: Check Out This Totally Texas HEB/Whataburger Combo

This business just screams Texas!  It shows a combined Whataburger and H-E-B convenience store in Hutto, Texas, and thanks to TikTok, we get a tour of this convenience store that you will only find in Texas.  This store opened back in 2017 I know there are other HEB convenience stores, however, I am not sure if they have Whataburger also on site. Let's take a tour of the HEB convenience store thanks to TikTok user heb_obsessed. Does that make this a Whataheb? LOL

@heb_obsessed HEB + Whataburger UNITE! A tour of the HEB convenience store / Whataburger combo in Hutto, Texas. Update: theres also one in Lytle, TX! I had no idea. #heb #hebwhataburger #sotexan #whataburger #texasaf #texas ♬ original sound - HEB_obsessed

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