Last week, news reports showed that lines of people lined up for the grand opening of the Whataburger in Lee Summit in Missouri. On an opening day the line measured over a half-of-mile.  What some of you don't know is that many people ran out of gas while waiting in that line, some people almost waited 6 hours!  That's going to be a no for me.

According to fox4kc, Whataburger actually had to bring in tow trucks to bring folks out of the line that had run out of fuel. Several people ran out of gas while waiting in line. One Texan saw what was up and was smart. He came back a few days later to get that Whataburger taste.

Whataburger also paid to have four to six off-duty officers on-site from 8 a.m. to midnight. The money came from their own pockets.  Whataburgerbroke the company’s opening day sales record.

On its first day, Whataburger served over 1500 customers over 3500 hamburgers. Here is the breakdown of what was served:

1,300 double meat Whataburgers
333 triple meat Whataburgers
304 jalapeno and cheese Whataburgers
1,348 Whataburgers
245 spicy chicken sandwiches

This data was also provided by fox4kc.

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Don't forget that San Antonio-based burger continues rolling out merch with its new sweaters and pajamas for that one Whataburger lover in your family. I would be that one Whataburger lover in my household. You check out their selection by clicking here.

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