A Texas man was driving through Colorado recently and drove from Colorado to Denver in only 20 minutes, which is approximately 70 miles.  A warrant has now been issued for his arrest! 


According to KHOU.COM, A man who uploaded evidence of his street crimes on YouTube is now wanted by Colorado State Patrol a few months after a viral video showed him speeding between Denver and Colorado Springs on his motorcycle. The video titled  “From Colorado Springs to Denver in 20 Minutes,” has since been removed from YouTube. However, the clip has been shared on several other social media channels and is now in the hands of Colorado prosecutors.

In the video, you can see Rendon Dietzmann's speedometer displaying excessive speeds, sometimes reaching up to 173 mph as he darts between vehicles northbound on Interstate 25. This happened sometime last year.

Because of this video, Rendon has a warrant with seven counts:

  • Menacing – placed another person in fear of imminent serious bodily injury
  • Engaged in a speed contest
  • Reckless endangerment
  • Reckless driving
  • Speeding 40 mph over prima facie limit
  • Engaged in exhibition of speed
  • Vehicle had no number plates attached
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42-Year-Old TX Teacher Arrested After Soliciting 15-Year-Old Girl Online


A former Bastrop ISD Employee was arrested for online solicitation of a minor! According to police reports from the North Richland Police Department, 42-year-old James Byrd contacted who he believed was a 15-year-old girl on Whisper, an online chatting platform on December 27th, 2023.

According to Fox 7, the Police investigation ultimately led to Byrd contacting the child and agreeing to meet with her in the Dallas area. He was arrested and charged with online solicitation of a minor. Byrd was a history teacher at Cedar Creek High School from Aug. 7, 2019, to Jan. 4. During the break, the district says it learned of Byrd's arrest, and he was placed on administrative leave. Byrd resigned from his position on Jan. 4. He is out on a $75,000 bond.  Byrd was cleared to teach grades 4 through 12 and is currently being investigated by the Texas Education Agency.

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