During these trying times it can be easy to lose sight of the positive. But there are so many incredible ways our community is coming together to serve each other. There are endless heroes, and one entity, our Victoria Independent School District, continues to focus all of their energy on our children, not just during school hours , but now 24 hours around the clock. One of the stories that will be told long after the COVID-19 scare is over and we've healed, will undoubtedly be how our VISD community came together to not just educate their students but to feed every child in Victoria county.

Endless volunteers are working around the clock collaborating and cooking to serve children ages 1 to 18 throughout Victoria county. Now they are working over their overtime by revising the meal distribution schedule to better accommodate parents.

Starting today, Monday March 30th VISD will be providing meals on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. Breakfast and lunches will be doubled each day to provide flexibility and convenience for families who found it difficult to come every week day for meals. When you pick up on Monday, there will be multiple breakfast and lunches provided to last each child two days. Wednesday will also include breakfast and lunches for two days and on Fridays, there will be breakfast and lunches for the entire weekend.

Distribution sites include Aloe, Crain, Hopkins, Rowland and Shields Elementary with service provided between 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and at Stroman Middle School between 9:30 am through 1 pm.

For a complete menu of the week or for more information please click here.

Thank you to VISD volunteers for all of their endless efforts.

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