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Matthew Edgar might be the most wanted man in Texas today.

On Halloween night in Sabine County Texas two years ago, now convicted Texas fugitive, Matthew Edgar shot and killed 19-year-old, Livye Lewis.

Sentenced to 99 years in prison for the murder, 24-year-old Matthew Edgar wasn't present for his hearing on Jan. 27th. He continues to be at large today.

Edgar never showed up for his trial and continues today to remain at large.

Almost unbelievable to read, Edgar was also facing charges for assaulting another woman and also criminal mischief, both of which are felony-level charges the same day.

He had been released on a $50,000.00 bond in April.

Matthew Edgar had been released on bond to the protest of residents and the District Attorney.

What would you do if you met your child's killer face to face?

According to KJAS, not long after Edgar was released on bond, Darci Bass, the mother of Livye Lewis, would lose her cool when she saw him in the same convenience store she was shopping at. She immediately went into a rage, throwing things at Edgar and screaming at him. Shockingly Edgar then filed charges against Darci. Darci later stated, "I wish I could've done more !! It's too much to see him in public!!"

Now Edgar is on the run.

Protesters gathered outside of the Courthouse Square

With multiple arrests and a murder charge residents of  Hemphill Texas were protesting outside of the courthouse wanting answers as to why someone with so many criminal charges could have been released on bond in the first place.

Where is Matthew Edgar?

According to KSLA “The sheriff reports that as of the posting of this update, the Sabine County Sheriff’s Office has completed follow-up investigation on ten additional investigative leads regarding the whereabouts of Edgar,” a press release stated. “These additional leads were cleared and closed with no contact with Edgar.”

Now law enforcement resources are being stretched into Louisiana as the search continues.

If you have any tips or information, please call the Sabine County Sheriff's Office

Call the Sabine County Sheriff’s Office at (409) 787-2266 or call 911 if they encounter Edgar. He added that Sabine County residents should not try to contact or try to stop Edgar.

12 News Now offers this report on Youtube.

Matthew Edgar isn't the only fugitive law enforcement continues to search for in Texas.

Here is a list of the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives today according to DPS last updated Sunday, January 30th. Two have been listed as captured, so there will be 8 photos included in the gallery below.

Texas Ten Most Wanted Fugitives

Ten Most Wanted Fugitives in Texas January 2022

It should be noted that in 2021 more Texas fugitives were captured than any other previous year. All fugitives are considered to be armed and dangerous.





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