Massive Lines at Whataburger in Houston after Hurricane Beryl:

Hurricane Beryl has caused some major problems in the Houston area. Power is still out throughout the city which means dining options are limited.  However there are some Whataburgers that are open and people are willing to wait. One video posted to TikTok states that the line was almost 2 miles.

Of course, the videos are accompanied by some H-Town rap and it works so well.  There are a couple of explicit words in the lyrics.

@stephanyy.ramirez the line for whataburger was about 2 miles long #whataburger #hurricaneberyl #houston ♬ Texas - BigXthaPlug


@wendygarcia5705 Only in Texas did we just have a hurricane with almost 100mph winds, Still no power since 4am and the next minute its sunny… Still no power and everyone wants “Whataburger”!!‍♀️ #hurricane #hurricaneberyl #storm #houston #whataburger @Whataburger ♬ Texas - BigXthaPlug

A little humor for you :)...


@leohumpsalot Living on electric avenue without the electricity just a ket #fyp #houston #poweroutage #centerpointenergy #texas #storm ♬ original sound - Leo Humps

Whataburger and HEB are always there for Texans in times of need! Here is an awesome example of how the Whataburger App is unknowingly helping the public keep track of the power outages in the Houston area.  The hack was discovered by someone using the App and was shared by Whataburger social media platforms. If the logo in orange on the map it means the power is on because the Whataburger is in operation. If the logo is black they are closed because there is no electricity.



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