This story is from a couple of weeks ago, however, it is just showing up on my social feed. As reported by wfaa, two police officers in White Settlement, tried to initiate a traffic stop of a stolen vehicle, the suspect bailed out on foot and started running from the scene.  Corporal J. Porter, and Officer Samuel Brown gave chase but Porter fell behind and that is when a civilian stepped in.  Thanks to a body cam, we see the whole thing happen.

In the video, you can hear Porter jokingly say, "I Had to get taxied, don’t mind me." He arrived as the suspect was already being arrested by Brown. Officer Brown was fresh out of the Academy and this was his first foot chase. Oh yeah! He was only born with one arm. Absolutely incredible. According to the article, The good Samaritan, Jimmy Davis, spoke to the media on Monday, saying he saw the chase and decided to help the officer. Davis is a former security guard and gave this statement. "My instincts just kicked in, I was glad I was at the right place at the right time. I did what I had to, and I would do it again."

The White Settlement Police department posted a video of the chase alongside a thank you to the good samaritan. A thank you to this awesome samaritan and a thank you to law enforcement for all you do!


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