In a recent video posted to TikTok by user saraiperez, we see another reason why CoJo is so awesome! THIS MAN LOVES HIS WIFE! He was on stage in El Paso when he started to talk about the beginning of the pandemic. He spoke from his heart!

When he heard that he had to spend 14 days away from his wife while in quarantine. His response is something that only Cody Johnson could only come up with and shows us what true love is.  Johnson passionately says's 'It better be the zombie apocalypse! Dead people outta start rising up from the ground and start eating people alive before I even CONSIDER the fact of sticking away from my wife for 14 days.' 

He continues to tell the crowd, 'In my house, where I'm come from with that wedding ring on my finger, I'm like baby if you're going out, I'm going too. I don't want to be around without you. We have come through worse!'  Cody said this as the band led into his romantic single 'Nothing on You.'  Hear the full speech by watching the video below.

I have been a fan of Cody Johnson since day 1! I remember seeing him play at Schroeder Hall for less than a hundred people and thinking that this kid has a bright future ahead of him.  Since then, he has crossed over from the Texas Music scene to the Nashville Radio charts.  He has gone from playing bars and Dancehalls to selling out arenas and stadiums, including the Biggest stage in Texas, Rodeo Houston!  Johnson will make his fourth Rodeo Houston appearance on February 28th, 2022. Not bad for a guy from a small East Texas town.


@saraiperez Just #codyjohnson bein’ hubby goals on stage in El Paso, Texas 10.2.21 ♥️ @cojonation #wayoutwesttexas#nothinonyou♬ original sound - Sarai Perez

Let us know what your favorite Cody Johnson song is in the comments of the Facebook post! 


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