Two armed robbers walked into a Mesquite store with plans to clean out the place. They walked into the Cash4Gold store and the owner was ready for them, and he pulled out a gun of his own and quickly opened fire. The two robbers quickly changed their minds and fled the scene. no one was hurt, but bullets hit a glass counter, walls, and the owner's golf bag. You can see the video here. According to this article, this was not the first time that this place had been robbed, this was the third attempt in five years. This store owner was able to protect himself and his well-being.


Armed Houston Grandma Shoots Man Trying to Rob Her Food Truck

This grandma carried for a reason, to protect herself and that is just what she did! According to NEWS4SA, a Houston food truck owner shot a man in self-defense back in March of 2023.. She said an armed man tried to rob her business Tuesday, but she fired first. According to the article, Derick Howard, who is one of the owners, was on his way to help in mother and uncle who was working at the food truck. He tells New4SA, that his mom did keep a gun on her just in case something like this happened. All of this was over only $40.

According to the Police, a 23-year-old got out of his car, opened the window to the food truck and put his gun inside, and fired but his gun jammed.  That gave the woman just enough time to grab her gun and shoot the robber before he could harm anyone in the food truck.  “Thank God. Because she's a godly woman, that's why the gun jammed. Because God jammed it, because when she opened that window, he could have shot her, but it jammed,” said a family member, Jacqueline Mitchell. Derrick Howard's mom was taken to the hospital for having a panic attack after the ordeal and she will be ok. The man attempting to rob the food truck was killed by the shot.


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