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Everyone in the office just cheered! Victoria has a new broadband provider!

Well, Victoria, our internet dreams have come true! Victoria now has another option for broadband!

The City of Victoria Civic Alert

Perusing for good news in the community, we just came across the latest City of Victoria Civic Alert issued TODAY and we could not be happier.

"City officials are pleased to announce Sparklight, a nationally recognized internet provider, will build a state-of-the-art fiber-optic network in Victoria that will provide another option for fast and reliable high-speed internet."

That's right, Victoria now has even more options for their broadband!

According to the civic alert, which you can read in its entirety here, the multimillion-dollar investment by Sparklight is one of many avenues the City is considering to improve internet connectivity in Victoria.

Sparklight, which already provides internet for businesses in Victoria, is in the process of designing its new residential network. Following completion of the design, construction will begin in 2022 and is expected to conclude in mid-2023, although some residents could have access sooner.


Survey says!

Just last week the City announced a survey for Victorians regarding their desire for more broadband options. We kept our readers up to date with links to the survey and an article which you can read below.

That was just a week ago! Engineering company CobbFendley launched its survey in partnership with the City to assess broadband needs in Victoria and the surrounding region. Well, not surprisingly, early responses to the survey indicated a significant desire for more options for internet service in the area. 

Shout out to the Victoria Broadband Commission!

According to the City civic alert, this development is a result of outreach efforts by the Victoria Broadband Commission, a City-led stakeholder group that includes representatives from the government, medical, education, and business sectors.

What this means for Victoria.

And it looks like, with Sparklight opening in Victoria, this could mean up to 30 new permanent jobs in our community along with temporary construction jobs as well as millions invested back into the community and of course, new options for broadband in the community.

You can learn more about Sparklight by reading the City of Victoria civic alert in its entirety or by checking out Sparklight's website here.

Let your voice be heard and your questions answered.

There is still time to fill out the survey, from now until July 28th, just click here.

Don't forget, the public workshop will be held July 21st at 5pm at the Victoria Community Center, 2905 E. North St., to discuss survey responses and provide more information. You can also join via Zoom!

Cheers to new broadband options Victoria! 

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