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Yesterday was April Fools' Day which kept my social media feeds full of entertaining content, but this takes the cake. Victoria resident, Amanda Wilburn, wanted to prank her mom so she turned to her social media for a little help. What happened next is absolute comedy gold. See some of the texts that were sent to Amanda's mom below.

Amanda posted on her Facebook page...

Friends!! It’s April fools and life is a little boring. 😂 If you do NOT personally have my moms phone number, (because she will probably have you saved)

PLEASE text her and ask about the camels she has for sale!!!
😂 😂 😂
Please post screenshots

I reached out to Amanda's mom, Rachel to get her side of the story. Rachel Stasny, also of Victoria tells us 'that she was receiving two to three texts a second'. She also added she probably received over 100 texts in reference to the 'camel for sale.' At first, she was 'not amused' as the texts continued to pour into her phone. She started to think 'This many people DO NOT need camels.' followed by a 'Who breeds camels in our area?"

She did not know what to do! So she pulls the ultimate mom move! She heads over to the Federal Trade Commission Website to file a complaint. As the frustration mounts, she fills out the complaint form, and just as she is about to submit it, she gets a call from her daughter, Amanda, that lets her in on the April Fools' prank. Mom got over the frustration and can only laugh about what happened now and so do we. Check out what was almost submitted to the FTC and some of the best texts that mom received

Coutesy of Amanda Wilburn
Coutesy of Amanda Wilburn

Be listening to KIXS108.  I have invited Amanda and Rachel to come to tell us all about this fun experience, both sides of the story.



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