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Sadly, the mayor of Victoria Texas, Rawley McCoy has passed away.

Family and friends as well as the community of Victoria are mourning the loss of our mayor, Rawley McCoy, who passed away unexpectedly last night.

Working with Mayor McCoy has been an honor for me personally through the years. The picture above is one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken of him. He literally tipped his hat to me when I asked him for a picture. He was always kind, always willing to be a part of what makes Victoria so great with a smile. I thank him for the time he gave me as a biographer. I know he will be greatly missed by his family and friends and our community.

Victoria County Judge, Ben Zeller, spent the last year with Mayor McCoy as they worked together to get the City of Victoria on its feet again after COVID-19 made its way to the Crossroads. Judge Zeller offers this message for Victorians as well.

Judge Zeller says, " The loss of Mayor McCoy leaves a hole in the heart of our community. But his life also showcases the best of what we can all aspire to be in a short time we’re given on this earth. Rawley McCoy’s memory leaves an enduring example of a life well-lived."

Elected in 2019, Mayor McCoy was also the owner of Rawley McCoy and Associates architectural firm who designed multiple buildings in Victoria including the FEMA Dome at St. Joseph's High School as well as the Leo J. Welder Center for the Performing Arts. He was also the designer for the mosque at the Victoria Islamic Center.

Victoria City Council will likely make a statement later today and we will keep you posted.

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