Watch today's press conference from the Victoria Emergency Management Meeting in the Facebook live video above filmed by KIXS 108.

Today's meeting began with an announcement that the city is going to stop providing regular COVID-19 briefings to the public. Just last week they announced that they would reduce the number of briefings down to two days per week. At the beginning of the video above you can hear more info about this decision to stop providing regular updates. There is another meeting on Thursday but it was unclear if there will be an actual briefing as in past meetings. The OEM staff said if there is information the public needs to know that they will schedule another briefing.

There are currently 148 cases of COVID-19 in Victoria County and 2 new cases were recorded today. Currently, 10 of those cases are patients are in the hospital with 3 in I.C.U. However, during the meeting today Victoria County Judge Ben Zeller reiterated there is a 4 to 1 recovery for active cases stating, " Today we are as well prepared as ever," offering that Victoria is prepared for what may lay ahead as we continue to "reopen" Texas.

Victoria Health Department Director, David Gonzales offered that Victoria has tested roughly "1.7 percent of its total residence," which coincides closely with Gov. Abbott's request for communities to test up to 2 percent of its population."

Mr. Gonzles additional offered that this Sunday, Mother's Day would be another factor to any foreseeable incline in cases of COVID within the next two weeks and advised that of the total cases of positive COVID-19 tests, 26 percent of those cases were through " household" contact, offering that Victoria " should take precautions" when and if they choose to visit family over the weekend. "The virus is still out there. Just be aware."

Judge Zeller and Mayor McCoy offered additionally to community members that the OEM could be reopened at any time deemed necessary for factors that included "any major changes with the disease."

Both Judge Zeller and Mayor McCoy thanked the community for working together and for practicing social distancing and adhering to state mandates. Mayor McCoy stating, " Thank you Victoria for embracing personal responsibility."

Victoria County's Covid-19 hotline will remain available at 361-485-3460.

Governor Abbott's latest orders for the state can be found at

You can find a list of testing sites locations on our website and on the OEM website. The numbers will be updated at

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