The Victoria Armadillos have announced their official home-opener!  Our Victoria Armadillos will host San Antonio's MSBL All-Stars on Saturday, October 17th. It will be a two-game series and both games will be played on Saturday, October 17th in double-hitter action.


Game 1 will be played at 1 P.M and game 2 will be at 4 P.M.!  Admission will be $5 and children 13 and under will be free!  If you can, please bring a canned good to donate the Victoria Food Bank.  Help the community and receive a discount voucher for official Victoria Armadillo merchandise.  Concessions will also be open throughout both games.  They will be following CDC guidelines, so space will be limited, get there early.

 If you follow the Armadillos on Facebook you have already seen the caption: Respect All. Fear None. We definitely have some exciting baseball coming our way in the Crossroads.
Of course, we will have some hometown talent on the field including STJ graduate Andre DelBosque and Victoria Generals alum Daniel TunchezHere are the team's recent signings featuring some very exceptional athletes.

Have you seen the official Victoria Armadillo gear, it is straight-up fire.  Outfit yourself for the big game. Order your stuff today online or get it at the game.

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