Victoria College plans to offer five instructional methods during the upcoming fall semester to provide students flexibility during the current pandemic!


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Victoria College will offer real-time remote classes and an alternating method that will allow students to take classes face-to-face and remotely in real time. In addition to those options they will also offer traditional face-to-face, online and hybrid courses as well.

The real-time remote courses will meet at a regularly scheduled time, but students will participate via WebEx video conferencing instead of attending class on campus. Students enrolled in alternating courses will meet in small groups on assigned days and will participate remotely via WebEx on alternating days.

Most  of the course changes in the Fall 2020 schedule will be made on Monday, July 27th.

If you will be attending classes at VC, they will be required to wear a facial covering, have their temperatures taken and pass a health screening before entering the classroom. Social distancing will also be required. For Victoria College’s COVID-19 updates, visit

Registration is currently underway for the fall semester, which is scheduled to begin Aug. 24. Information is available at to assist students in selecting classes that are offered in their preferred instructional methods.

For more information or to schedule a virtual appointment, call (361) 573-3291 or live chat at

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